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Anonymous said: How old r u ?

27, yo.

Anonymous said: Are you satanist?

I’m not, no. Does something about me suggest that I am? I’ve often had to wonder.

Anonymous said: I just watched your Sugar Haul video and I love you! You are so beautiful and nice! Also, I think you look a bit like Helena Bonham Carter (and I have the same collar as you, aaaahhh ^^)

We are collar twins! Blaaaahh thank you very much, that’s a huge compliment ^____^

Anonymous said: What clothing shops would you recommend for your sort of style because I see so many that have these sort of cartoon/costume ideas of what goth looks like (I love your blog! <3)

Thanks! Goodness um, I mostly shop on eBay (you can find pretty much anything) from shops like Dysfunctional Doll, Hammer Hiroko… I also like and I have a giant list of bookmarked shops, maybe I should make a video about it or something? x

Woah I got into a two week ‘start your own business’ course SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL.

If you haven’t “liked” my facebook page yet, please do so I can feel loved and special lol  ^____^



The Women of Beetlejuice;1988.

I myself am strange and unusual.

This was my favourite movie throughout childhood. I still have the tape I excitedly recorded off the TV in 1995, when I was 8.