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To the gorgeous lady I ran into today, it was so nice to meet you in real life! Sorry I had to run away so quickly do to my dumb job, will hopefully see you around again ^___^  x

Anonymous said: I have a weird question that you've probably answered before, but what base do you use under your eyeshadow, if any?

Hmm none actually, like, no eyeshadow primer that is, I’ve never even tried using that before. I’d like to though. I just put a thin layer of foundation on, and sometimes dust some dark powder on before applying other makeup :)

Anonymous said: I love you. You are beyond awesome.

Pfhjfbjksdvk Fank you :3 ♥

Anonymous said: You're on the front of my blog (sensibilitegothique) at the moment! :)

Wicked :D

wearingblackonglitter said: Do you have a PO box or a way i could send you american goodies like candy corn?

Aahh oh my goodness that’s very very kind of you ^___^ ♥ 

I would so love to experience the cute magic that is candy corn. I do have a postal address now, iiiiiiit’s 

Black Friday
ParcelPod 18201285
2 Bunny Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand


plankbubbles said: You are freaking awesome! Holy shit

Snap!  x

Anonymous said: Is that real blood? Because I had a cherry popsicle the other day and it looked just like yours!!


Anonymous said: what was your high school years crush like? (if you had any, if not describe other than high school)

HORRIFYING. I went to a girls’ school all my life, so when I finally encountered boys and developed crushes I was like O___o;

Anonymous said: Dude you're hella rad. ^_^

Churr bra. 

emilitalokita said: Do you do your whole makeup/hair routine every single day? Even just to run to the store? How about days you stay home? If you do, I seriously admire your dedication :)

Yus every day, even just to go out for milk :p if I’m definitely not going out, then I won’t, but otherwise always. I enjoy doing it :) And cheers!

A couple of almost noseless selfies after Keller Kinder’s wee video shoot with the makeup I wore for 30 minutes before going to work, boo!

Mr Owl’s manly man hands. x

Mr Owl’s manly man hands. x